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not the kind of creation generated at RETAIL level

Contexting.    END OF AN ERA   (...and we feel fine).
Industry Post-Apocalipse?     Absolutely.     The fashion world, more inclined than beauty industry to de-construct itself and execute systemic analysis from within, provides us with the following quote for portraying the 'disnovative' dynamics, intellectual stagnation, sameness saturation & creative exhaustion we perceive in the industry     —and the need for the awareness & acceptance of RE-INVENTION at all levels,  of a meta-beauty VISIONARY mind-set   (adding 'digital' layers to the 'former-present' is not a disruption):

" Re-invention:   to make things new and fresh; to present something in a different way; to remake or redo completely.  However you define it, in today’s world, it is all around us:  businesses, brands, people  — even countries —  are rebooting to adapt to a reality that is being reshaped by an array of market forces, from new technologies and shifting consumer behaviour to unpredictable geo-politics and a fragile global economy.

In today's world, constant re-invention is necessary just for survival.  We must question everything and react quickly to unexpected shifts.  This may mean challenging long-held, sacred beliefs, making quick decisions with incomplete data, and taking bigger, bolder risks. "
Imran Amed
Bof's Founder and Editor-in-Chief
SEPTEMBER 17, 2015 18:46

creative statement

BC has a reputation in the industry of being 'special and unique'.  But we somehow find that the very real reasons that make BC so… BC, are not yet fully grasped.

BC is the first and only avant-niche©© BEAUTY SHOP in the world, set up with an emo-rational©© (post-phychological) commercial mindset, and an heterodox, speculative, Universal and re-contextualizing VISION of the beauty industry and meta-consumption.

The NARRATIVE of BC is expressly built with a GENDER-NEUTRAL, multi/post-generational & demographically Universal CONTENT.

...a centrifugal, de-selfed©©, post-author, post-customer (indeed post-beauty) NARRATIVE…,  of flowing (id)entities.

SPECULATIVE  RETAIL©©   (the next next-generation).
Managing the avant-niche©© dynamics as a cultural innovation tool.

BC is located in an intersection between Art & Commerce, provoking the irruption of CONCEPTUAL & EXPERIMENTAL mindsets in the commercial practice.

At BC, Creative Productivity is oriented to a kind of CREATION not generated at RETAIL level elsewhere   –more likely to the work done by some Trends Intelligence Agencies.

For BC, RETAIL is a canvas to write, operate & develop concepts   —PRODUCTS being over-layered with additional meaning from our cultural research & intellectual production.   In BC, PRODUCTS are reflected as a 'workable' essay, as material poetics, as dreamily OBJECTs  (released from the 'industrial era' burden).   Accordingly, within signature BC's relationship dynamics, 'CUSTOMERS' are transformed into 'reading partners', open-minded connoisseurs, epicureous network flâneurs  (2012 BC avant-trend:  de-Consumerization©©).

We have carefully developed our business un-model for BC neither to be (happening) partially off-line nor completely on-line,   but in a kind of 'META-SPATIAL condition' which is difficult to define but very easy to apprehend instinctively.

BC happens also in a sectorial NON-PLACE,  distant from the sector's stereotyped commercial variables  (including the so-called 'niche' ones)   —at this market stage, products/brand-lists are just the prelude of a more complex dynamics   (we think RETAIL as a mere selector/bearer of list-of-brands belongs to the 'former-present' development mindset).

We observe this COMPLEXITY in RETAIL requires a transdisciplinar knowledge and a set of talents that were infrequent or unnecessary in 20th c. RETAIL.

In this new era, geography & (commercial, intellectual, industrial...) 'medium/format' have stopped to be determinant or 'structurant' by themselves.   Being in the CLOUD is 'to be simultaneously'   —in the CENTER of everything & in the most far away limits  (cutting-the-edge), in FLOW.    Being well in-formed is being in the now-est NOW:  random & uncertain.

We want you to know how BC somehow re-creates RETAIL by constituting it as an AGENT of industry analysis and a productor of TRENDS-INTELLIGENCE   (&)   ...independently of the actual market circunstamces,  the nature of the possibly available goods at any given moment,  the very specific sector dynamics...

RETAIL as Intelligence tool through Commercial Avant-Niche©© Media.

BC avant–concept©©:  Retail as Intelligence Creation©©

January  2016



'Sleeping Beauty'   ('Beauty industry/culture has  become  Boring')

...And no DIALECTICS of INNOVATION can mask that.    Has BEAUTY no way out of its own MIRROR LABYRINTH ?

How many times must we keep REPEATING the actives' SAME properties or actions on the SAME biological pathways,  the natural produce's goodness vs. synthetic origin's evil,  etc.

FASHION industry is re-thinking/analyzing/reviewing itself inside out,  but in the BEAUTY world BC remains the only exception :

CROSS–CONTEXTUALIZING   —the  narrative/mindset BC is pioneering in building retail environment, to push further the creative boundaries in beauty—,   is the next 'methodology' for constructing future for the BEAUTY industry   (get Beauty out of its box).


November  2015



The  Rise  of  'Beauty  Peripherals' ©©

BEAUTY as JOURNEY.    'Peripherals are the new CORE' ©©.    'AROUND–CORE' ©© practices, products & vital spaces.
FUTURE  Beauty  Mindset:    'Multi–dimension is the new Multi–function' ©©


October  2015



The Rising of  BI-RACIAL  SKINCARE ©©

The overcoming of an idea of NATURE as a passive and static being, and of SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY as its 'accelerated opposites'.
Time to dare New Ecologies    —are we ready?

October  2015



Levels of Innovation in Beauty Industry  &  'Creative Presents' ©©

Not all innovation is born equal.    In the vortex of deep changes going on today, Creative Productivity is executed at different TIMES of conceptual 'contemporaneity'.

September  2015



'Virtualizing  vs.  Digitalizing' ©©

The start of the future of beauty industry?   Expanding to emergent territories REALITIES.
From IMAGINARY functions  (Scientific Realism) to IMAGINED functions  (Speculative Realism).
"RETAIL is not about (that entity known as) 'PRODUCTS' anymore    —Re-materializing, Virtualizing, Multi-versing" ©©

+ (translation soon)

December  2014




SKIN  CARE  in  3D.    'Cellular (+ Tissular) PLASTICITY  vs.  Cellular Turnover' ©©.
'From LINEAR to CYCLICAL to TRIDIMENSIONAL  (morpho-spatial)  skincare mindset' ©©.
'Tridimensional Skincare' ©©   —everything happens in 3D/4D now.
'4D  COSMECEUTICALS' ©©,  anyone?

+ (translation soon)

December  2014



'Commercial  Multi-verse' ©©

COMPLEXITY in Retail.    Transdisciplinar knowledge/mindset is the new 'Retail Curating'.
'Universal Is The New Niche'©©.    Off-Standard Productivity in Retail.

May  2014



'Functionally  Divergent  Anti-Aging  Strategies' ©©

MATERIAL  REVERIE.    'Pleasure Mechanisms as Anti-aging Dynamics' ©©.
'Beauty in ALT me' ©©.

+ (translation soon)

March  2014



'BC  taking  Natural  to  the  next  level  Narrative' ©©

HYPER–MATERIALITY    (as  DE–SELFING  Narrative) ©©.

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Copyright  BC©reative©apital

BC's Trends Intelligence Creation
©© The terminology marked as ©© has been created by BC
and it is part of BC's creative business productivity.
  This CONTENT & Terminology are 
Intellectual Property
of BEAUTY CUBE  (please, behave ethically)


The  emergence  of  BIRACIAL   or   CATEGORY–NEUTRAL  SKINCARE©©
Is IT a cosmeceutical ?   /   Is IT a natural ?

Time to dare NEW ECOLOGIES
       —are we ready ?

In the last few years,  while the number of COSMECEUTICAL brands identifying themselves as NATURAL is on the rise,  there is a correlative increase in the number of NATURAL brands defining themselves as SCIENTIFIC  —and invoking a potency & efficacy superior to the usually expected in the ‘natural’ category. 

Thus, is it possible for the BEAUTY MARKET to still be maintaining the category binarism based in the 'confrontation' :


The CROSSPOLLINATION among both categories seems to outline ifself as the new environment for BEAUTY evolution/creation, generating a new RACE of products that BC advances, namig them :

BI-RACIAL   brands/formulas ©©
as they overcome the primigenic states of both categories, attracting new techno-ecological environments to skincare.

The new BI-RACIAL or Category-Fluid natural brands©© leave behind the most elemental state of NATURAL BEAUTY, what in BC we denominate :


Pre-Futurist Natural Beauty ©©  based on the mix of a variety of proportions of natural/raw ingredients in the style of a cooking recipe   (the final product appearing as the result of the aggregation of a handful of natural, non-toxic ingredients mixed in different percentages).

PLUS  or  LESS ?

Classically,  Non-Futuristic Natural Beauty  has referenced itself by alluding to negative or SUBSTRACTIVE claims...   That is, through the  'IT DOES NOT CONTAIN'  statement...   (purity or transparency declaration).   That's all, folks!

However, nowadays there is not a quality COSMECEUTICAL formula that contains ingredients considered inappropiate for natural products   (PARABENS, MINERAL OILS, PETROLEUM DERIVATIVES...),  and coincidentally,  many of them boast a high percentage of natural/organic ingredients with functional features.

It is today possible to formulate 'bi-racial' cosmeceutical products as efficient & potent as the classic ones, using exclusively ingredients extracted from NATURE and sustainable methods   (cold pressing, CO2 extraction, etc.)  or through BIOSYNTHETIC mechanisms on bacterial & yeast cultures  (in this case, extraction is substituted by separation methods).

Differently from traditional categories,  the new BI-RACIAL or CATEGORY–NEUTRAL products are self-defined by positioning themselves in a positive or ADDITIVE way  (adding variables) :    That is, by the 'specific interest' of what they functionally DO contain   —instead of building up around the purity of ingredients taken individually  (+ the sum of their INNOCUITIES/effects),  ADDITIVE NARRATIVE emphasizes where the formula 'ends' rather than where the ingredient 'started'.

This new techno-natural MINDSET points to a more advanced idea of Nature and the condition of 'the natural',  to a PRESENT-FUTURE of full integration & connectivity between Nature, Science and Technology.

Creatively exhausted the recent stage/fad of beauty 'revivalism' & 'emo-purism'©©  (FOLK  BEAUTY©©),  some hints start to appear in the MARKET indicating that it's not just ENOUGH for ingredients to be natural & non-toxic  (that is not all, folks!) :    They should also present a specific interest, a beyond-natural added value  —pointing toward a more techno-natural profile  (more 'material' less emotional).

However, this new development is not just about integrating or mixing 'natural' ingredients with 'scientific' ingredients,  but concerned with creating/operating/imagining WITHIN the new cognitive/creative context of AUGMENTED ECOLOGIES.

All this reflects an incipient cultural r-evolution including the surpassing of an idea of NATURE as a 'passive & static being',  and of SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY as its 'accelerated opposites'.

Thus, we advance through ECOLOGIES in which Nature is the LABORATORY,  and Science/Technology is the NATURAL.

New ECOLOGIES that finally bring closer and reconcile 'NATURE' & 'EXPERIMENTAL LABORATORY' in an only & integrated functional environment.

Bio-Synthetic Technologies represent the dissapearing of the traditional emotional/cultural FRICTION between  NATURE/SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY...
...substituting test tubes by living beings  (bacteria, yeast, plants)   as sustainable factories from which is possible to obtain a larger variety of ACTIVES, without generating contaminant residues nor exhausting/over-exploiting the pre-existing resources.

With all this, novel questions arise, such as 'actives MISCEGENATION' and the new added value it provides to formulations.

Getting inspiration from Engineery and the Software IndustrySynthetic Biologists are beginning to design plant modifications to transform 'base plants' by developing new DNA CIRCUITS in them   —which would endow them with new kinds of functions   (including an improved photosynthetic capacity, the obtaining of photovoltaic energy, the production of bio-active substances to be used in the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries, etc.).

Developed in recent years, the GENOME edition and re-writing technology known as CRISPR  is bound to provoke a DISRUPTION in the molecular biology of living beings, by allowing PRECISE and EFFICIENT DNA modification for the 1st time:    To delete DNA sequencies & to insert GENES, creating new genetic traits   (for instance, adding genes in PLANTS to produce new protein networks  or  replacing oncogenic DNA in HUMANS).

Finally, NATURE as a co-creator of the most perfect ARTI-FACTS & MACHINES  (of energy use, diversity, synergies...).

And BIOLOGICAL technologies as the future base of more significant industrial processes of the XXI century.

As it is possible that the SOFTWARE of the future might be written in the language of MOLECULAR INTERACTION   —something in which, thanks to the emergent NATURE/SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY symbiosis  (the ECOLOGY of the future),  all living things will participate as co-authors  (humans, plants, bacteria, animals...).

A concept of super-empowered NATURE that it is already a reality in the making,  with a primordial role in the development of future Science & Technology.

BC  Avant-Trend©©

"100%  NATURAL"  ©©

BC  Trends / Conceptings:

FOLK  Beauty/Formulation ©©

When BC advances new ways ahead...  you better keep your EYES & MIND wide open!

October 2015

LEVELS  of  Innovation  in  Beauty
Creative  'PRESENTS' ©©
–according  to  BC


APPLIED  THEORY  /  Case  Studies

BC's  ABC:    Advanced Beauty Culture©©

The 3 working levels of INNOVATION in the BEAUTY INDUSTRY   —according to BC©©.

1.   Avantgard  INGREDIENTS   (Avant–Ingredients©©)
2.   Avantgard  TRENDS   (
3.   Speculative  Futurism  TRENDS   (

Different  Creative 'Presents' ©©

Not all INNOVATION is born equal.   Not everything appealing to the last technology or the cutting-edge is made in the frontier of the Present or induces the Future...

In the vortex of the deep changes going on today, Creative Production is executed at different TIMES of conceptual 'contemporaneity' :

  (located in the re-working of previous innovations, the non-performative innovation, the redundant expansion, the Alt-Mainstream©©...)  that 'informs' most of the standard industrial/cultural production,   and the PRESENT–FUTURE  (the vital TIME of disruption, the conceptual futurism, the speculative realism...)  that experimentally anticipates the possibilities of FUTURE, modifying it   —the future facing the present©©.

Applied  Theory:
FORMER–PRESENT   (Retro–Innovation today):      Neo-Folk Beauty©©,   Pre-Futurist Natural Beauty©©,   Linear Skincare©©  (incremental narrative, cause-effect imaginary...), ...

PRESENT-FUTURE   ('Feed–forward' Innovation today):      Biracial Skincare©©,    Daydreaming Products©©  (beauty as dream, Lounge Products©©, De-selfed Beauty©©),   'Emergent Realities' Are The New 'Territories'©©  (Present-Future vs. Former-Present, Real-Virtual vs. Real-Digital...),   ALT-Functions©©  ('switch Functions for Possibilities'©©),   Deep Skincare©©  (3D Skin Care©©),   Bio-synthetic Skincare©©, ...

October 2015

Intelligence  Creation

Complexity  in  RETAIL
Commercial  MULTI-VERSE ©©
–according  to  BC

In the last decade, the transformation process of the RETAIL INDUSTRY has been extraordinary.

The direction and nature of retail processes has changed deeply:    From a hierarchic and 'anticipated' organization,  it is evolving into a dynamic, multi-distributed structure   —an omnipresent global network configured in nodes of MEANING INTENSITY.

This techno-commercial MEDIUM requires a multi-disciplinar knowledge & a set of talents which were unnecesary (or infrequent) in 20
th century retail   —an evolution that means a displacement of knowledge both for Retailers & Consumers.

In this environment of RETAIL's growing complexity INPUT  (novelty in products/brands)  has been substituted by process management and the DIVERSITY of dynamics around consumption, distribution, production, logistics, de-sectorialization...  as VALUE creation.

In the new  MULTI-VERSIC  RETAIL©©,  INPUT corresponds to cultural dynamics more intricate and impenetrable than the simple-minded  TIMING  of jumping on the last fad or media IT, to self–appropiate a 'delayed' modernity.

As of today,  OBJECTS are everywhere, all the  time  ( INFO BITS):    They are not 'discovered'  (or 'OWNED')  anymore,  they  FLOW  ('online condition''post-digital materiality').

In this stage of complexity & un-anticipation, CONCEPTUAL talent is more valuable than the merely anecdotic pic/name–dropping  (hinting at the last name/image of a product/brand/fad lacks DIMENSION or structural consequence  —it has the effect of a trompe-l'oeil).

In the emergent COMMERCIAL MULTI-VERSE©©value does not reside anymore on SELECTION by itself, but in CREATING and executing new cultural DYNAMICS   (Meta-stable Productivity).

BC  avant-trend©©:

MULTI-VERSIC  RETAIL©©  Is  The  Next  'Multi-Brand  Retail'


Now, OBJECTS are everywhere, all the time  (transmutated into INFO BITS).

They are not individually 'discovered'  (nor 'OWNED') anymore, they just FLOW ('online condition').

December  2014

Intelligence  Creation

CREATIVE PRODUCTIVITY is evolving towards an unified UNIVERSAL dynamics:   de-Sectorializedde-Centralized de-Dimensionalized,  Flowing,  'Infiltrative'...  (Niche & Mainstream at the same time:  Universal) **.

Either for BIG or SMALL brands...,  for industrialized/artisanal/hybrid productions...,  in the 21c. CREATIVE PRODUCTIVITY evolves towards that single and shared Universal dynamics   (that is, Niche/Indie and Mass/Mainstream at the same time).

This target displacement configures what BC
denominates NICHE-VERSE©©,  a 'commercial multiverse'©© without a stable or clearly defined structure,  and it draws a new kind of development no-model:    more organic & oscillant  (discontinuous)  than hierarchic & expansive  (incremental).

Niche is now 'produced' as Mainstream's atomization, and Mainstream as Niche's clusterization.

Off-Standard Production is the entrance to the next post-industrial level  —the beta phase of 'multi-versic productivity'©©—,  and it is PRODUCED within a meta-stable dynamics  (STRUCTURANT but unpredictible, unforeseeable, plastic, centrifugal, multi-disperse  —despite Big Data!),  that allows it to infiltrate & to operate in the Universal market from any pointde-Sectorialized.

The dynamics of the new, post-millennial market condition:  MASS–NICHE ©©

...So we'll need to STOP THINKING about 'niche'  (and 'mainstream')  as IF IT WAS STILL the 00's.

**    (What it is commonly known as 'NICHE MARKET' is not a categorical concept anymore.  Neither it is MAINSTREAM or MASS MARKET, nor are they 'absolute opposites'.   This sectorialization has been vanishing in previous years and it has mutated towards an irregular continuum.   Market is already operating in this new UNIVERSIC commercial environment).

BC  avant-trend©©:

'UNIVERSAL'  Is  The  New  'NICHE' :     (u)NICHE-VERSAL ©©

Niche is not a categorical concept anymore.  Neither it is Mainstream.  Nor are they 'absolute opposites'.

Sectorialization has vanished and it has mutated towards an 'irregular continuum'.

December  2014

Intelligence  Creation

BC avant-niche©©:   retail as intelligence creation   (as opposed to Retail  as just lists-of-products/brands-dropping).
a commercial space  executed as an experimental process from which we formulate and advance workable HYPOTHESIS on the Market.

Copyright  THE  BEAUTY  CUBE ©©       —       Meta-Space