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made from trans.disciplinar CULTURAL CAPITAL
(we are not  Micro-Mainstream©©)

Slow  Company
:   Small
  &  Smart  is  the  new  BIG
selecting + editing + resonance building + conceptual blending
'Niche' is not something you take.  It is something you BUILD©©

Retail as a cultural innovation tool through commercial avant-niche media©©

"BEAUTY CUBE  is a commercial essay executed as an experimental process from which we propose & advance HYPOTHESES on the Market."      (©©)

  has been praised as the most innovative & influential niche beauty shop in Spain, pioneering an informed selection of directional, selective & hard-to-find niche brands.

BEAUTY CUBE  introduces in Spain & Europe a highly edited selection of brands (cult classics, contemporary lines & emergent brands) developing the brands' concept in the Spanish market & beyond.

BEAUTY CUBE  has been designed as an 'intensity point' in the marketplace, with high-end positioning and branding capabilities  (keeping the brands' momentum and becoming the spot to look at for innovative, resonant & articulate beauty content).

We love to discover new brands and to introduce them in real time  -very often in their early cult-building stages.    Our eye is trained to identify emergent trends and to select significant, relevant products. 

Through our cult/brand-building capability, unique in the Spanish market, we are creating a CONTEXT (all in Beauty Cube is about contemporary culture and meta-retail thinking).

We establish cultural connections with the BRANDS.  Shop-cum-content editor-cum-retail strategist-cum-brand curator, BEAUTY CUBE is the FIRST and ONLY beauty nicher in Spain able to braimstorm, contextualize and edit trends well in advance (...others here just follow us), and to TRANSLATE them into interesting emergent brands and trans.disciplinar beauty content  (re-thinking  beauty retail).

SPECULATIVE  RETAIL©©  (the next next-generation) :  
TURNING niche commerce INTO A TOOL FOR CULTURAL & STRUCTURAL INNOVATION :    'Retail as an innovation tool through Commercial Avant-Niche Media' ©©

BEAUTY CUBE takes place in an intersection between art & commerce, to induce the irruption of the conceptual and experimental in the commercial practice.

, BRANDS are re-interpreted, conceptualized, handled & communicated as RESONANT creative, cultural and entrepreneurial processes

The narrative of BC is developed through a GENDER NEUTRAL & inter-generational, demographically universal CONTENT.

As AVANT-NICHE©©, some of the outcomes of our creative direction in the BEAUTY MARKET are:   An increased hybridisation and innovation, a forward-thinking narrative (products beyond products, beauty beyond beauty) and criteria diversification  –an advanced & meta-retail CONTEXT we coined as "Transdisciplinar Retail©©".

As a CREATIVE CONTEXT, content-creating & conceptualizing environment, BEAUTY CUBE's CULTURAL CAPITAL and its impact on the MARKET go far beyond a simple lineup selection or 'brand list'

Conceptual Blending  -the Multiversic Identity©© and Intellectual Capital© of BEAUTY CUBE:

Undoubtedly, it's a disruption to find in a beauty webshop, interrelated and crosspollinized, such uneven concepts as:
Trans.disciplinar, Peptides, Post-digital, Antioxidants, DE-consumerization©©, Super-fruits, After-posh Luxury
©©, Biochemical sunscreen©©, Synthetic Biology, Augmented ingredients©©, Micro-Economies, Essential oils, Post-industrial, Seasonal Beauty, Translational Skincare©©, Cell metabolism, Avant-Artisanal©©, Floral extracts, Meta-space, Slow Parfum, Post-celebrity narratives©©, Retinol, Slow Company Movement, Supramolecular Chemistry, Design Thinking, Hyper-pigmentation, Heritage Post-Heritage©©, Unisex sensuality, Consumer Culture 2.0, Open innovation, Networked-products©©, Slow facial cleaning, INCI-list-as-a-Network©©, Biofermentation,  Post-experts©©, Bacterial Medicine, Biomimetic Sunscreen©©, Cyclical Skincare©©, Bionic Sun Protection©©, Bio-Mineral Sun Filters©©, Bio-Synthetic Skincare©©, Meta-modern...

...the reflection of our avant-niche©© retail model & the intellectual environment in which we develop our work.

Being GLOBAL is our mood, combining luxury with a cutting-edged, forward-thinking chic.

META-SPACE, our real & ultimate 'GEOGRAPHY':
We have carefully developed our business model for BEAUTY CUBE neither to be (perceived) fully off-line nor completely on-line, but in a kind of 'META-SPACE' which is difficult to define but very easy to be instintively aprehended.

Our presence & influence go well far beyond our geographical location or commercial sector.

Excellence, exceptionality & VALUE-adding brand contexting are some of our main assets.   We try to convey & execute this in the store environment, and in each one of our business moves & protocols.

NOTE.    All the terminology marked as ©© (aka Creative Capital) has been CREATED & COINED by BEAUTY CUBE, and it is part of our intellectual production & signature work of Avant-Trending©©, CONCEPTING and Content Creation

This TERMINOLOGY is intellectual property of BEAUTY CUBE.    Please, behave ethically.

DESIGN  &  CONCEPT + CONTEXTING©©  by  Cruz Calvo ]
BEAUTY CUBE is an upscale, forward-thinking BEAUTY BOUTIQUE; a space edited with INSIDER criteria, where you may find some of the most interesting beauty products in the style world.

The design-savvy interior of BEAUTY CUBE is also a style statement:  by using integrated technological materials, designer fixtures and blobject-like objects, the aim is to INCORPORATE a XVIII century building to the contemporary materiality.

The initial selection of products is focused in the 3 main TRENDs of the cosmetic market reflecting wider CULTURAL and LIFESTYLE trends:  cosmeceuticals + natural/eco cosmetics + unisex products (to individuals enjoying self-caring, sel-indulgement and sensuality, regardless of age & gender).

Cosmeceutical goes for "cosmetic" + pharmaceutical", designating functional cosmetics with a high concentration of active ingredients. This word, which started spreading in the 90s after the success of topical administration of retinoids, became more general to apply to all skincare lines developed  by renowned dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons following up-to-the-moment scientific advances, using HIGH-TECH ingredients, formulations and delivery systems.

The new NATURAL and ORGANIC beauty products (effective, pure, sensual, sophisticated, luxurious, HIGH-performing...) reflect the eco-ethic & organic chic trend that defines contemporary luxury and understated coolness.

NICHE  2.0   ('we are not Micro-Mainstream©©'):  Avant-Niche©© vs. Micro-mainstream©©
–The new context for POST-MILLENNIAL  NICHE©©

In BEAUTY CUBE, we have CREATED and introduced the terms 'ADVANCED NICHE' & 'AVANT-NICHE' to clearly distinguish this new, advanced context from 'Standard Niche' (aka 'Micro-Mainstream'©©).  We think this is a much needed nuance in the present, POST-MILLENNIAL, evolved state of the MARKET.

Advanced Niche is, essentially, an in-progress creative process, often disruptive.  It can't be copied neither standardised or re-produced  (well, not completely despite copycats' intentions! :-).

In this EVOLUTIVE professional process,
BEAUTY CUBE has been able to integrate the best of Classic Niche, challenging it at the same time, and creating a new thing beyond it.

Our intention was never just to introduce in Spain cult brands sold in LONDON, PARIS, NYC, etc (in fact, some of the brands we carry are not still available there!).  We wanted to create an intensity point, an innovation fluid FROM SPAIN, which could participate in shaping the FUTURE of niche market, always evolving.

This also enables us to EXPORT KNOWLEGDE to other markets, positioning a bit of the Spanish market as an EARLY-ADOPTER.

An essential part of our project consists in discovering, anticipating and introducing the most interesting up-and-coming beauty brands which bring new ideas & approaches to the ADVANCED NICHE scene  -as opposed to CONVENTIONAL and STANDARDIZED niche.

The impact of BEAUTY CUBE in the MARKET goes well beyond the brands lineup.    As a creative context, BEAUTY CUBE INTRODUCES, EDITS and CONCEPTUALIZES emergent cultural trends and the most interesting innovations in skin care.

In BEAUTY CUBE product selection is related to Innovation, Excellence, Creativity, Insider-y Talent, Artistic Sensibility, Cutting-edge science, Integrity, Cultural relevance, Individual artistry, Performance, Contemporary mindset...

Our  CULTURAL  CAPITAL  (a.k.a.   ©©)

CULTURE, you can't buy or copy it.  Either you have it or not.  You generate it, feed it, transform it...  The true business VALUE lies on it  –and BC has plenty!

Premium scientific advising and a contemporary, TRANS-DISCIPLINAR  MIND-SET  are our main business-y CULTURAL TOOLS to keep BEAUTY CUBE in the global cultural cutting-edge, and also for market efficiency.

We project & develop our work less as a SHOP and more as a contemporary MIND-SET and a manager of IDEAS.

We are first and foremost CONTENT EDITORS & CONCEPTUAL BLENDERS, Market & CULTURAL analysts, MicroTRENDS managers & Macro-TRENDS conceptualizers, BRAND CURATORS  (oops, we mean highly professionalised RETAILERS!), and  -of course!- 'beauty victims'...  -BC is a consequence & a way to carry this out.

BEAUTY CUBE  is the ONLY beauty nicher in Spain with an International presence and resonance, positioned among the few and DIRECTIONAL, Advanced Niche Stores around the world selling premium niche brands in a meta-modern & stylish environment.

BEAUTY CUBE has been invited by the LUXURY SOCIETY Membership Committee to become a member of this prestigiuos luxury industry's private business network.

BEAUTY CUBE is and has been consecutively selected as a 'Very Trendy Concept Store', to act as a jury member for the 'BEAUTY  CHALLENGER  AWARDS" at BEYOND BEAUTY PARIS professional fair.


  We know our forward-thinking, very specific business model anticipates the new directions in retail development.
  Our plan is to keep growing and innovating in this DIRECTIONAL albeit NON-LINEAR way.
   We welcome proposals from like-minded innovative entrepreneurs wanting to participate in the future growth of BEAUTY CUBE as the pioneer of MULTI-DISCIPLINAR RETAIL the future format of advanced retail.


©©  THE  BEAUTY  CUBE    –    Meta-space    –    Spain