The Temple of Beauty

BEAUTY  CUBE.     In an inmaculate white space of 30 m2
, creams from brands that only the more
experts have heard about share space with a futurist deco.   Moisturisers and anti-aging treatments
coexist with seaweed-shaped window screens designed by the Bouroullec brothers, an umbrella
stand by Naoto Fukasawa, and sinuous stools imagined by Frank Gehry.  "We want to get an atmos-
phere that makes the objects something evanescent, and that reflects also a great admiration for con-
temporary design and Japanese architecture", says Cruz Calvo, owner of this boutique in Santiago
de Compostela, that has become a worldwide reference of niche cosmetics (small brands that are not
available in perfumery chains, and with a very limited production).   "Our work consists in discovering
and conceptualising new brands, identifying what they signify and entail, the talent and ideas they
have behind;  and make them understandable highlighting the creation process in each one of them
explains this entrepreneur who, thanks to the Internet, sells the most innovative thing in cosmetics to
the five continents.

However, the reality of Beauty Cube is much more physical than a website.  The place is in continuous
movement, with brands that come and go from its lineup, and customers who want to know first hand
the peculiarities of each product or the last thing discovered by Cruz during her continuous travels all
around the world.   "We were the first ones in introducing here mineral makeup as a trend, as well as
in identifying the phenomemom of the new generation serums for growing eyelashes.  Our capital
does not lie on having the shelves overcrowded with products, but in creating an added value for each
brand.  In this sense, we act like market scouts, and we often develop a fruitful double-end relathionship
with the brands
", continues the owner, trained as a fashion designer in Milan, where she used to hand
out with the Caten brothers and fell in love with the Rei Kawakubo and Martin Margiela creations.

By  Sergio Cabrera.