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A Fall plenty of INNOVATIVE products and spaces.

The Kjaer Weis makeup has completely seduced us with its minimalist refills and its enchanting
packaging  (from 34€ at beauty-cube.com).  Organic ingredients hidden in modern cases, and a
neutral coloring for all ages.

By  Ana Fernández Parrilla.

A skin matter:  open pores, aging neck and decolletè, lines around the mouth and lips that go thinner.

BAZAAR CHOOSES:    Oskia, Micro Exfoliating Balm (57€ at beauty-cube.com)

Editor's Choice

The passion for technologic gadgets placed nails on the spotlight.  We love these hues,
inspired by key pieces of art and industrial desing.  Strangebeautiful Color Connector (35€).
At beauty-cube.com

By  Ana Fernández Parrilla.