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A small shop in Santiago leads in Europe the luxury cosmetics scene
The Beauty Cube business model is studied in fashion and trends schools.

Beauty Cube is one of those enterprises that fate touches with a magic finger.  It was founded four years ago
in the old town in Santiago de Compostela as a modest and innovative cosmetics shop, and after four years, it
became the European referent for independent niche cosmetics shops.

The world's most exclusive brands select Beauty Cube to distribute its products in Europe.  As instance,
In Fiore, a selective American brand with a devote fan base among the rich bohemian from L.A. or San
Francisco (people such as Sofia Coppola), selected Beauty Cube as the only sales point in Europe where
you can find the whole brand lineup.

Beauty Cube created an unique business model supported on an efficient webpage and its capacity to delivery
orders coming from anywhere in Europe.  But the key of its success lies on its capacity to generate trends.
Everything this small shop includes in its lineup becomes a trend, which traslates in constant appearances on the
world's main magazines, such as Elle or Vogue, and an interest of the industry to have its products in this
powerful distribution channel.  Santiago, London and Paris are often the only points of purchase for one particular
face or hand cream.

The prestigious magazine Wallpaper included this shop in its "The Secret Elite" issue, writing:  "It has
one of the best brand selections you'll find under one roof".

Now, the Beauty Cube business model starts to be studied in trends schools.  Last year, the High Art Institute
(Madrid) included the galician shop as case study in its course of coolhunting applied to beauty.

"Our formula is new as we introduce the brands as trends.  This and not being dependent on national distributors
is what earned us International relevance
", says Cruz Calvo, responsible of Beauty Cube.

Interview to Paola Glugliotta, co-founder of SEPAI

Why Santiago (to launching Sepai)?

_There are other niche cosmetic shops in Spain, even in Barcelona, but Beauty Cube is the one that introduces trends
that then all the other copy.

By  Alfonso Andrade