especial  belleza   (Febr 07)

Beauty  Cube
This delicious and exquisite shop offers, under the organic chic definition, quality products at
prices. It's the only provider in Spain for cult brands that you can only find in shops
such as Colette in
Paris, or Barney's in New York.

Its star product:  FULLERENE C60 DAY CREAM, ZELENS.  A ultra-potent natural antioxidant, whose
discovery was awarded with the Nobel Prize in 1996. It is a day cream that provides an instantaneous
and continuous hydratation.
Its best-seller product:  REPAIR SERUM, DR. SEBAGH.  An intensive treatment that hydrates and
repares, increasing the collagen levels and retaining the moisture in skin.
Where:  Del Castro 9, Santiago de Compostela.

By  Marta  Gómez-Rodulfo.

Web de BEAUTY CUBE, Santiago de Compostela