Cruz Calvo

Her perfumery, The Beauty Cube, is one of the most innovative of the country. 
Her basics list includes more than 100 products.

Generous with her cosmetic uses, Cruz sent me a list of more than 100 products explaining,
just in case there was any doubt, that not all them were for daily use.    The list was
supplemented by a cosmetic statement that shows a curiosity and knowledge worthy of
a cum laude, and that are reflected in the vitality of her shop.   Her says her regime is based
on the daily use of topical antioxidants, and in searching for ingredients more than for
products, "as long as they have an elegant formulation and are very skin friendly".
She does not limit, hovewer, to use just one antioxidant:  "I use several products at the same
time;  I modulate them, I mix them, I layer them...".   ...........

By  Yolanda Ormazábal.