COSMETIC  NOSE.  Cruz Calvo, the creator of BEAUTY CUBE, has it.  Always aware of the most
avant-gardist things and a well versed trend-watcher, she has just got an achievement:  Bringing to Spain
the BRAD SKINCARE brand, and launching it in premiere in Europe, a regenerative skincare line
until now available only in L.A.
Originally conceived to counteract the disastrous effects that air travel has on the skin, this line stands out
because its face and body formulations, using bio-fermented acids and nutrient-rich herbal ingredients.
"Once tried, I found that the products had a great affinity with the skin, that they communicate and interact
with it", she explains.  The words of an expert.

BEAUTY CUBE.  Turned into an open door access to cosmetic trends.

By  Carmen Lanchares.