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From her father, Daniel Galvin -who was the hairdresser of Princess Diana-, Louise inherited a passion for hair.
Her range, Sacred Locks, shows that.

In 2006, Daniel Galvin was honored as Knight of the British Empire for his services as hairdresser at the Buckingham
Palace (he was reponsible of coloring the Pincess Diana hair).  This way, among the exquisite customers of her father's
exquisite hair salon in Mayfair, Louise Galvin learned to love hair and turned it into an almost obsessive passion:  any
effort is worthy to get a glossy hair.  The result of this passion is Sacred Locks, her range of products, an indicator
of the meticulousness that characterizes Louise Galvin:  no peroxides or ammonia, parabens, sulphates, and of course,
nothing of silicones, that give hair a glossy finish but intoxicate it with each use.  In its place, natural ingredients and
a strong comminment for carbon emission control in her rol as business woman.  An example of her responsability with
the environment for her daughter Olivia, and a special line to celebrate her maternity:  Mother To Be.  Louise created it
during her pregnancy with two clear criteria:  one, hair is different and it requires a different treatment;  and two, pregmant
women don't like smells.

Mother To Be Shampoo and Hair Masque by Louise Galvin at .

By  Yolanda Ormazábal.

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