The last thing to stop photo-aging?  Sunscreen + topical antioxidant.

...In fact, essays show that sunscreens protect only against 45-55% of UV-caused free radical
formation. Because of that, new defensive procedures, such as using the sunscreen together with
a topical antioxidant,
are starting to be adopted: A formula that, according to experts, increases
antiradical action.  This is confirmed by Cruz Calvo, owner of The Beauty Cube, a shop specialized
in niche beauty brands, who, quoting recent research, states that "it has been demonstrated that
application of an antioxidant product every morning before the sunscreen provides an almost
complete protection".  This is the case of the C E FERULIC serum, a potent antioxidant developed
by SkinCeuticals, that combined with the sunscreen "increases 8x the skin's photoprotection
capability", according to clinical studies carried out by the brand.

By  M.R. de R.

Web de BEAUTY CUBE, Santiago de Compostela