by  comission
Ateliers of scents, custom blended serums, custom-made makeup...  Made-to-order cosmetics
are buoyant.

The ready-to-carry model, prevailing in the contemporary cosmetic market, has not been common until
quite recently.  The truth is that, until mid XX century, with the known 'luxury democratization', beauty
products were not, at all, a mass market good as 'beauté-à-porter', but truly exclusive buys, just for a few
ones, and almost always, in Haute Couture format or, what is the same, by comission.  Today, made-to-
order cosmetics is back in full fashion.  Maybe, because as stated by sociologists, the need of finding
new ways for individual differentation increases in the globalization era, or because, as stated by
economists, we are already into a new cycle, post-capitalism, that has started to impose new rules:  a
redefinition of consumer habits and a new different idea of what exclusivity should be, the so called
'new luxury', that beyond the monetary, quantifies the value with concepts such as 'unique', 'original',
'different', and, over all, 'personalized'.

...But there is even more:   changing creams, like those from the brand ABSOLUTION, one of the latest
additions at the niche shop BEAUTY CUBE.  Beyond their Ecocert label, their novelty lies on being
adaptable creams:  each one of them could be personalized (almost reformulated) according to the
needs of the skin in each moment;  It's enough to add one drop of one of the 4 enhancer serums named
'LA SOLUTION +' that, as explained from BEAUTY CUBE, "they are highly concentrated serums that
reinforce and modulate the cream, being possible to mix them in a special packaging or in situ, in the
palm of the hand".

ABSOLUTION, cream + serum to customize it.  (At THE BEAUTY CUBE)

By  María R. de Rivera