magic  potions 
These elixirs are the guardians of a tradition, high perfumery, in danger of extinction.  Intense, tiny and misterious, each one is hidding its own secret.

They come from far away.  The extracts' genealogical tree is directly rooted in the origin of times and in the cult to
the gods of ancient civilizations, when the scent was a weapon to sublimate the body and to touch divinity.  Such
old origin has provided them with an aura of mistery which perfumery evolution did nothing but to consolidate during
centuries.  The past two centuries belong to them in their own right.  It was their 'belle époque', the period in which
extracts consolidated their intense character and their legend as weapons of mass seduction.  Always enclosed in
wonderful jars -crafted by the best artisans in the best crystals-, small in size, one drop was like a little treasure to
be worn like a jewel.  In the past decades, things have gone not so well for them; parfum has lost its elitist character
and is part now of the consumption wheel.  But they continue to be there.  Not all of them, but still many.  For the
big perfumery brands it is a pride to have them:  is a part of their history; is their legacy.  Extracts are honorable
members and deserve the greatest respect, specially because they have become the olfactive witnesses of a world
that is not there anymore.

Scent Systems at Beauty Cube.

By  Yolanda Ormazábal.

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