Cruz  Calvo:   "Antioxidants Are The New Black"

"Antioxidants are the new black", says Cruz Calvo from her avant-gardist cosmetic shop The Beauty
Cube.   "Dermatologists say that UV radiation causes 70% of the skin aging".   According to recent
studies, broad spectrum sunscreens (those that protect from UVA + UVB rays) protect aproximately
from the 55% of the free radicals induced by the UV radiation.  "A sunscreen is not enough  -she
explains-.   You need to inhibit oxidation with an antioxidant (Vitamins C & E, minerals such as
Selenium, enzymes or phytochemicals).  It has been demostrated that, used before aplying the sun-
screen, antioxidants complement the sunscreen action providing an almost complete protection".  
A collaboration that works.   We can sunbathe (and synthetize Vitamin D) much more relaxed.

By  Yolanda Ormazábal.