¡ i want it all !
They spend 600€ monthly in makeup, they don't miss any new launch,
they know more than any expert...  This is how 'cosmeticholics' are
-and they are growing by numbers.

...Cruz Calvo, owner of The Beauty Cube, one of the referential niche shops in Europe, defines the beauty
addict as someone who is not always able to reach a comfortable relationship with the product, making her/him
doubt, and searching in each new purchase the elusive thing she/he didn't find in the previous one"

A way to deal with cosmetics that Cruz Calvo compares to what she has coined as "gourmet consumer",
and about which she has developed a complete profile.  "The gourmet consumer practices a more relaxed,
curated consumption.  There is a desire of enjoyment.  They are men and women of all ages, and within a wide range
of spending power, who share the passion for perusing the products.  They talk about things I haven't
.  And the same as beauty addicts, gourmets pay also huge bills, but their attitude is different".

...gourmet consumers, "are the kind of persons  -says Cruz Calvo to finish her profiling-  that integrate this
special product in their daily lives, using it to enhance their time;  the addicts, however, would use it to
push their time".  Here lies the difference.

By  Yolanda Ormazábal.

The best escape, the best perfumist, the best face cream, the best
colorist...  for the deluxe tuning-up you deserve.

in the bag
Kjaer Weiss embodies the new luxury, the one that turns towards basic cosmetics presented in jewel
compacts with refills for recycling.  Only three products:  eye shadow, blush and lip tint.
The compact is made of Zamac, a new material.
(At Beauty Cube)

By  Yolanda Ormazábal.

the new nails
Are nails the new lips?


By  Yolanda Ormazábal.