a  supernatural  skin
And so worked and polished that looks out of this world...  A miracle for everybody.

This complexion is familiar to the Twighlight series fans.  It's the vampire skin, and it is well nourished.
It's a flawless skin:  not a spot at sight, not the lightest imperfection, not a fine line, and even less a
wrinkle.  It's an opulent, dense, just perfect skin.  And so irreal that it seems the result of a pact with
the devil, hangover of a witches' sabbath, or vampire ball to which we have not been invited.  The
challenge of getting an out-of-this-world skin is there.  What are the weapons?  A handful of cosmetics
which help us by minimizing imperfections, illuminating, concealing, uniformize and do what ever to
keep the illusion.  What are the rules?  To apply them in layers:  to wait until the first product is absorbed
by the skin before applying the second, and so on.  The result?  Fantastic.  And, contraindications?

To illuminate:  GET UP & GLOW by OSKIA  at  beauty-cube.com.

By  Yolanda Ormazábal.

full  bar
Rediscovering the pleasure of washing up with a good soap bar;  pure wellness in your hands.

RUN BAR SOAP and LIME SOAP  at  beauty-cube.com.

By  Yolanda Ormazábal.