Cosmetic  Geography

Architecture, gastronomy, music, cinema, fashion... these are some of the aspects that constitute the
essence of a country.  But they are not the only ones.  Beauty is also a national symbol.  The luxury
of French brands, the Swiss precision, the familar tradition on Spanish business... all of this shape a
particular atlas of the 'made in Europe'.

THE  UK:    Social commitment.
OSKIA is also a eco brand, free of parabens and damaging chemicals.
('Renaissance Mask' de OSKIA exclusively at Beauty Cube)

GREECE:    Classic nature.
Greek herbs and artisanal extraction procedures are also the foundation of SPONGE, developed by a
prestigious Greek gynecologist with the purpose of increasing her pregnant patients' quality of life.  At
present is Markos Lambros, his nephew, who is in charge of the brand.
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By  Leyre Moreno.