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Among  the  flowers

Able to raise the apothecary ointments and floral oils to the category of luxury
cosmetic, Julie Elliott is the creator of In Fiore, the last cult brand imported
from the USA.

It delights the beauty victims all around the world, it is sold in the coolest shops from New York to Japan,
and actresses like Liv Tyler or top model Alek Wek declare themselves absolute fans of its balms and
artisan oils. What has In Fiore to produce such expectation? The difference lies, in words of its creator,
in being "a cosmetic line based in the history of the apothecary formulas and ointments". An art Julie
Elliott studied for years, together with aromatherapy, alchemy, or Ayurveda, until gathering the
knowledge to decide herself to launch her own brand, on late 2000. Her aim is "to bring the sensibility
for the natural and traditional things to the luxury market", and for that she makes a carefull selection of
the ingredients -"they are absolutely natural"-. Among them, the floral extracts
(origin of the brand name
and the lotus flower-shaped logo)
play an essential role: "Flowers have a strong healing power, more than
any other part of the plants -she explains- and we just select the more expensive, effective and pure essences".
It is precisely in those sybarite extracts where it lies the secret of Julie's success: the surprisingly calming efficacy
of her ointments. In fact, she works hand to hand with naturopathic doctors and dermatologists who commission
her tailored formulations. But In Fiore also "works on the mood through its scents". And another aspect of maximal
importance: "The scents of the products act synergically with the  other ingredients to make you feel good and
recall peace of mind".
In Fiore is sold in Spain in Beauty Cube.

By M. R. de RIVERA

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