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BEAUTY CUBE  has been planned as an  intensity point  in the MARKETPLACE,  like author restaurants, boutique hotelsconcept stores...  in summary, any space designed on the basis of knowledge and creative intent, and likely to be influent and to reflect contemporary lifestyle.

BEAUTY CUBE  is a space to be read.   The objects inside reflect the complex contemporary aesthetics, WHERE empty and ornament-free spaces canNOT be defined by the sole word minimalisM.

NAME-DROPPING    (With  A  Cause)

Each single object in BEAUTY CUBE has a cultural status, and a precise reason to be a part of its interior:  Frank Gehry, Naoto FUKASAWA, Alape, Agape, Jasper MORRISON, DAVID Design, Apple, driade, Vitra, Dornbracht, Danese Milano, Pirelli, Artemide, F.A. Porsche... are the designers and the firms selected to recount BEAUTY CUBE  (all of them creators of authentic contemporary content).

The ultimate material that supports the technological aesthetic of BEAUTY CUBE is CORIAN  by  DuPont in "Glacier White", a material with astonishing 'atmosferical' value that unmistakably expresses avant-garde and sleekness.

The traditional window glasses were substituted by colourful interlayered glass, an architectonic element used often nowadays as a strong

BLUE  SPACE                                                                         WHITE  SPACE


The interior deco of BC conveys the status of the brands selection.  Both (design and products) ARE  EQUIVALENT.

In BC, the info-intensive orientation is as important as the selected brands themselves.  Again, DESIGN, PRODUCTS  and  INFORMATION correspond to the same level of quality and 'concepting'.

The shop style could be described as a deliberately 'outsiding' insider space (NO ATTITUDE HERE).  You can come just to try the products or sip a cup of organic tea (...please, sit down and feel free to ask), or browsing our web to get extense info about the products offered or the latest advances and innovations in skin care. 

We encourage the customer to make informed decisions

We named the shop 
BEAUTY  CUBE  as a reference to the term 'White Cube', coined  by contemporary culture as a synonimous for art galleries (an empty square white space to be filled with relevant, highlighted 'things').

An avant-gardist CUBE filled with Beauty OBJECTS related to science, innovation, creativity, fashion and lifestyle trends...

Retail Design and Concept :   Cruz Calvo


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